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New! Check out the new update for 2017, which includes the new artwork:

1. Appleseed

2.  Auferstehung

3.  X-Origen.

Coming up:  our new short story, X-plorers; Chapter 1.  Voices; Chapter 2:  The Mission; Chapter 3:  I Should Have Told You.

   I would like to thank the Kentucky Theatre Gallery for the opportunity to display my art once again and all the fans that took your time to write the comments.  Unfortunately, we cannot post the comments this time.  Someone took our comment book, and we have been unable to get it back.  I deeply appreciate your support.  Thanks again.
    A big thanks to the Graphic Artist/Designer Alyssa Sheridan for her great collaboration this time. 
    J.A. Castillo
See our latest addition of new artwork for 2016 which includes "Prelude to Chaos," "Invisible Horizons," and "Fobos."
Also, a new solo exhibition has been scheduled for the month of August, 2016, at the Kentucky Theatre Gallery.  Click here for the official poster and alternate poster.


Juan also had a solo exhibition during July, 2015, at the Kentucky Theatre Gallery, Lexington, KY, USA.  See the official and alternative posters for the exhibition. A special thanks to the Kentucky Theatre Gallery and all persons involved in making the exhibition possible.
Some of the comments from the 2015 exhibit:

Gallery Comment:

We exist in a time now that is open to the discovery of true and unlimited possibilities.  Juan Castillo's work gives us a chance to open up to worlds of unlimited possibilities through new dimensions of imagination and multi-dimension most people are unaware exist.  Art is a communal relationship between the artist and the viewer. Juan's subject matter shines a light on the deeper level of the dream realm the viewer may have had but were unable to express. Every year he has exhibited at The Kentucky Theatre thousands of movie-goers have had the unique experience to enjoy the chance to discover unlimited possibilities, worlds and realms in his work.  Juan truly embodies what it means to be a Visionary Artist of our time.

William W. Goodman, artist and gallery director

The Kentucky Theatre


“Beauty, like strangeness, is suggestive.  No two people see it the same.  That uncomfort you speak of is what creates your art.  Always be uncomfortable.”  M.


“Thank you for sharing your gift.”  Andrea James


“MAESTRO DE MAESTROS!!!”  Augustin Zarate


“Very Storm Thurguson/Dali-esque.  Extremely cool.”


“Loved your artwork!  Salvador Dali?  I was thinking the same thing!”


“Your art is very interesting.  Reminds me of “Urantia.’”


“Just seeing this art makes me want to paint.”

“I would buy your art.  Very interesting works.  Very Dali like.


“Thought provoking, and makes the viewer ask questions of what you were trying to portray.  Nice work.  I was mentally exhausted after looking at just 2 or 3 pieces.  Very interesting form, and I hope you keep developing it.”  MG


“You have strong imagination.  I enjoy visualizing your views and creations and such.” AB


“Fascinating content.  Would love to hear some of your interpretations, at which I could only surmise.  Great technique.  Love the clean look of the overall canvas and the irrationality of your lines.  Seems well thought out before hand.”  S. Hayes


“Very fine work!  Don’t lose your imagination.  Keep it up!”  Geo


“Hi Artist!  You have done a great job.  Keep your mind always open to new possibilities. Keep surprising your audience with your works.  My favorite was ‘From Here to Eternity.’ ‘ Ci Vediamo.  Lorenzo


“So engaging – wonderful!  Prices??”  D


“I think they’re beautiful.  You can tell how much you put into your work.”  Shawna


“Luv everything.  Very spectacular, a little Dali-esque.  Beautiful.  Keep pursuing what inspires you and your audience.”  Mary


Juan. . . es imprecionante tu ARTE cada abra representa lo q’eres y lo q’quieres lograr. Tienes un talento especial. . . Estoy.  Muy imprecionado en hora buena.”  Luis C.


“Wonderful feelings on viewing. . .”


“Appreciate your artist’s statement. “ KJM


“Giger, Floyd, Dali!”  Ike Moody


“To me, art is anything that makes you feel.  The feel doesn’t always have to be positive, the feel is just something that pulls at the strings that live in your soul.  Keep playing that beautiful music. “


“Enjoyed getting to look at and experience your art.  Please keep it up.”


“There is a lot going on.  Juxtaposition of images and styles.  Perfect circles.  Very eye catching.”  DL


“…You’re wonderful, interesting and weird in the best way.  Don’t every stop.”  Todd Bagley


“I have viewed a number of exhibits in this small space, al types, styles and media.  I enjoyed yours very much, especially “Irrational Sequence,’ as the symmetry was ‘refreshing’ to the rest of the room.  Good luck!”  Carol


“You look like you are looking for answers to questions you have.  I hope you find them.”  R. Megan Lamb


“I love the ‘Prometheus’ feel and the futuristic look.  It’s quite beautiful!!  Keep up the great work.”  Francis  J.


“’X-Origin’ – Real Surreal!  (Juan:  Why no sig.?)  Enjoyed your xhibit.  The pieces have strength.”  Hank Chapman

Also, we have posted a new short story, "Adaleth."  We hope you enjoy it.
"I cannot believe that I am alive... what a strange place this is... I must be dreaming.  They can talk...We have one that is totally different from any creature that we have caught before... I am trying to analyze your structure and origin... I think I have found the perfect match for what you have been looking for all this time...What are you talking about?  My name is not Mia...You have to realize that we have reached a high level of complexity."

See our latest addition of new artwork, which includes "Find Me," "Structural Damage," and "Souvenirs."

The painting "Eternal Memories" has been published in the October-November issue of Professional Artist Magazineas an additional illustration for the article "Artistic Rivalry" by the Australian artist, teacher and writer Elena Parashko,
I would like to take this opportunity to thank Ms. Parashko for her great support and for giving me the opportunity to collaborate with her on this article.  It has been a huge honor to do so. 
And last, but not least, I would like to thank Professional Artist Magazine for the opportunity to display my art to a much wider audience, which has helped reaffirm to me the validity of my work and my chosen medium.
See our latest update, which includes the new artwork "First Temptation," "Serenity" and "Time of Confusion"
A new exhibit of Juan's work was installed during the month of July, 2014, at the Kentucky Theater Gallery in Lexington, Kentucky USA.  Click to see the main poster and alternate poster for the exhibition. 
Some comments from the 2014 Kentucky Theater Exhibit:
"Wonderful show!" - Arturo Sandoval, fabric artist
"Salvador Dali, move over!  Seriously, your art is very intriguing.  Thanks for sharing with us Ky. Theatre patrons!" - Carrie Price Cox
"Very entertaining, I find myself astounded, the work proves to amaze and dazzle us all."
"Very cool.  The art is amazing!! So entertaining"  Ciara Hellman
"BRAVO!!!" - Agustin Zarate
"Reminded me of Dali in the best possible way!" - GA
"Nice Circus theme.  You're an amazing colorist/shader.  Love floating/bird depictions."  LEXIE GREEN
"Imagination & creation are two different things - which one is your favorite. Great work" - GEO
"Deductive approach.  Great imagination.  'Oschin,' the best.  Great work." - Lucas
"Hey artist, sweet pictures!  Keep doing what you're doing!"
" 'First Temptation,' the Beginning of Sin (nice)" - Clay
"So impressive!  Love the artwork, especially the gradient, 'Acoustic Nightmare.' " - TJ
"Just incredible.  Are they for sale?  These remind me of Dali, one of my favorites.  Keep doing excellent work." - Pablo
". . . Your work is thought-provoking, excellent placement of imagery which draws the eye.  Love your use of colors." - D.A.B.
"Uplifting ... trippy, but a good trip!" - LW
"Blown away!  Keep up the great work.  I'd love 2 c the dark settings with special affects lighting."
"Very good art, trippy & surreal.  I can definitely see some influence from Salvador Dali.  I particularly like 'Tago Mago.'  Nice use of the melting clocks from 'The Persistance of Memory.'  Great work!" - Katie B
"You definitely have your own original style.  Enjoyed your exhibit immensely."
"Love your xhibit.  'Ship of Dreams,' 'Empty Rooms,' and 'Full of Strength.'  Clean." - Hank
"I am very glad to get a chance to view your artwork.  Out of the pieces here my favorite is 'Deductive Approach.'  The use of perspective and size, as well as the characters depicted, really stood out to me.  The fade from cool to warm as well as the use of shadow and whimsical shape with a more sinister feel of the jester.  Thank you for your art.  Thank you for sharing it."
"The work of art here is very incredible.  Every work of art has a different meaning to every person that looks upon it."
"Love the 'Thinner than Air!' " - Gary
"Juan - I liked 'Ship of Dreams' the best. - Lynn Tudor
"I liked 'The First Temptation.  I mean wow, it is truly amazing."
"The 'Thinner than Air' is cool, creepy and mysterious.  Really makes you think."
"Very surreal, nice color, low horizon, interesting symbols used throughout.  Great depth." - Clayton Salchii

Our last update for 2013 included the new art:
1. "Marbles on the Road"
2. "La Fatigue de Vivre"
3. "Our Last Century"
4. "Inner Worlds"

Our early 2013 update included "Jurassic Monolith  and "Deductive Approach

Our December 2012 update included the new art "The Origin of Silence," "Nektar," and "Mirage."  We also posted a new short story, "Dialogues Between Machines."

"After years of deep space travel, Genesis systems have not been able to find anything even close or  similar to Earth. . . as you know, you are the most advanced android ever built. . . I cannot answer that question, Rox-xy. . . I will say that in order to fulfill our mission, you probably have to consider the inconceivable."

See the official poster and the alternative poster for the exhibition held during April 2013 at the Kentucky Theatre Gallery.

Here are some comments from the 2013 Exhibition:

"You are a talented artist.  I have a Dali at home, and I am reminded of his work."
"Love the vibrant colors and bizarre characters in your work.  Keep 'em coming'."

"Love "The Last Dragon" painting!  Really eye catching."

"As Mussolini said, "It's very entertaining."  Your paintings are truly physically pleasurable to me.  I'll keep my eye out." -   TCR

"Thanks for your excellent talent and expression and creative and bold art.  I love it!" - John Wardlow, BA Art Buyer and Graphic Artist, Lexington.  Graduate of Philadelphia Museum Collge of Art

"Amazing talent! . . . I sincerely look forward to seeing more of your work.  Be well!" - AJ

"Wow, you're amazing."

"Beautiful and sad."  - W

"Very interesting!  Thank you."  Dustin

"Very interesting and unusual!"  The Power Family

"Madness meets Burton."

"Beautiful colors!" Kim and Evan

"Thank you!  Very Delightful."  C. Lewis

"Pandora's box beautiful and carefully executed abstract relationship."

"Our Last Century," the description of my own relationship, fighting the obstacles that come to you in life.  "Lost in Illusions" (how much?)  That's all. 

"Your art is awesome.  I love the colors.  The feeling of being alone but wanting to connect."

"Symmetry in Progress."  The woman is very mechanical, yet she can still experience the delights of simple pleasures such as smelling a rose.  Makes me wonder could androids experience what humans can.  "Our Last Century" - the world around the couple is bad yet they still are happy with each other.  Oil spills and ice burgs melting - current isues - space- future.  All of your paintings are amazing.

"Incredible thought to colors, to dimension and interpretation - a brillIant trip." - Chester

""Last Century" is wonderfully gruesome.  I want it."

"Mindful - love them all."  L. Retting
"Great art!  So Dali!" - Rock Hill, SC


The painting "Ship of Dreams" has been published in the June issue of "Professional Artist Magazine" as the illustration for the article "Perception," by the Australian artist, teacher and writer, Elena Parashko,

See Most Recent Art for the June 2012 additions, which include the new paintings "Dream Effect" "Pandora's Box," and the new short story "Axphix":

"It feels like one hundred years has passed by. . . in this otherwise pitch black frontier, . . it is possible there is a huge overabundance of these chemicals . . . I assume the extreme cold keeps the giant marbles in place. . . the Priscus cannot work at this pace in these conditions . . crap!  I was afraid that something would happen!"

Juan's work was featured throughout the 
month of September 2011 at the Kentucky Theatre.

See the poster for the exhibit 

Comments from prior exhibitions:


Special appreciation goes to:

Sara Castillo: Art Director and Representative
David Miller: Web designer and Consultant

for their unconditional help and efforts to keep this project alive.

Here are some photos of the exhibit, courtesy of  Ariels

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                                bytes) P1013596_0008_008.jpg (51022
                                bytes) P1013597_0009_009.jpg (52379
(Click any image to enlarge it)


A special thanks to the following magazines for the opportunity to display my art to a much wider audience:  

Nougat Magazine, Lexington, KY

 Art Scene International, Germany; and 

Professional Artist Magazine, USA

    All images © 2007-2018 Juan Castillo. All rights reserved.