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Message from J.A. Castillo

We would really appreciate your opinion.  Feel free to make suggestions and send us your comments. 

I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for your comments and your support.  Here are some of your comments about my art:


"Hola Juan, Al ver tus pinturas deduzco que eres muy joven y con muchas inquietudes y talento...Un saludo." - Jose Apaza, Peru
"I checked out your site and loved your surreal page!! is that drawing? If so, it's REALLY impressive!  This one is my favorite 'Our Last Century.' ... Your art is really good and very conceptual."- NATHALIA SUELLEN, Independent Dark Artist from Brazil, Professional Commercial Illustrator

"I took a look at your surreal and colorful art, keep up the good work!" - Sirkku Sylvia, Finland

"I like the colors of your paintings. They are often bright and optimistic. The suggestiveness and the symbolism of your pieces is subtle and pleasant. I do think though that some improvement considering the anatomy of the figures would help the overall appearance of your paintings and make them even more appealing and convincing." - Petar Meseldzija, Netherlands

"Mind blowing!  Would be nice to get inside your mind." - Vladimir Klitschko - Romania

 "I had a look at your website. Amazing paintings. I love your use of clean bold colour.  Take care and good luck with your work!"   -   Elena Parashko, Australia
"Congratulations, Juan.  I loved your work. . .Great stuff!!"  -  Carolyn Weber, Canada
"I saw your site, I looked your gallery! At you remarkable imagination! I very much liked your works, At you interesting style." -  Alena Lazareva, Russia

"I like "The last dragon" very much! Your color palette is really amazing and dreamy... Great artworks... I see that you also like fantasy and surreal mood ;)"
I wish you all the best in your Art. . . :)"
Amelia Halgas, Poland

       "C  olor y textura 
        A  rte y pasion
        S  erenidad y paciencia
        T  iempo para pensar
        I   ntensidad al trabajar
        L  uz y contraste
        L  ienzo y pintura
        O nly time will transform
De todo corazon te felicito y te deseo todo el exito del mundo" - Arq. Enrique Garcia G., Mexico
"I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you on your own excellant work, which shows both great depth and imagination. I particulaly enoyed your 'Platform of Humanity' piece."  - Graeme Mc Allister, Ireland

"Le he echado un vistazo a tu página y me ha gustado mucho, sobre todo los paisajes dalinianos y la sensación de estar en un sueño que transmiten muchos de ellos. Quizás mis favoritos sean los más inquietantes: "Pesadilla Acústica" y "The Platform of Humanity". - Santiago Iborra, Spain

"Your art is very unique and unreal... you are the visualist of tomorrow. 
Keep up the good work." - Yuri Yablokov, Finland

" . . . there are things interesting and which brings to the reflexion and to control you well technique, congratulations and continued in this direction."  – Eric Tranchefeux, France

" 'Souvenirs' is your masterpiece.  You reached the secret too soon!"   Ralph Abbott, Scotland

". . . you look like a fan of surrealism. I like it! Keep going on and remember: art justify herself and any sacriface is worth to realize her!"  –  Mario Veltri, Italy

“I love your work!” – Jamie, Denver, CO.

“Ichiban art. (especially ‘Platform of Humanity’ and “Far from Home’” – Hank Chapman

“Superb Creations – wonderfully expressive, but it’s a shame people can’t understand the truth of a visionary! Speak more loudly- Shout!!”

“Beautiful, wonderful paintings. Unusual themes. Very talented.” – B. Bias

“Your more effective statements are your simpler compositions. Less is more, and in this case, it also lends itself to the sublime . . ‘Symmetry in Progress’ – excellent!

‘Our Last Century’, clear and provocative!’

‘Far from Home – dense and disquieting, much appreciated.” – R.S.

“Your paintings are very interesting. It makes me think of a futuristic Dali. It’s amazing that you did all of this in acrylic. Absolutely amazing. My most favorite painting out of all of them is ‘The Waiting.’ Kudos dude for awesome work.” – Tess

"You have a lot of good artworks with interesting subjects,your surreal landscapes are very conspicuous and inspiring like "pesadilla acustica/platform of humanity/time of confusion." --Martine. Switzerland.

"Hi Juan--Just wanted to let you know I like your paintings and I specially like the "Androids Don't Dream". It has a great message. Thanks for sharing your talent. Keep up the good work! Take care."--Lupe, Los Angeles

"Nice web page you got there, luv the concept of viajero, its seems you are pretty creative in your illustrations . . ." –Hector Sevilla, Mexico

"Hey, Juan, I'm very impressed. You don't have limits. Your imagination can go far as you want. Every single piece of your art is amazing, en hora buena bro...." – L.A.

"GREAT ART WORK!!!!!"-- Barbara H

 “Paintings are very cool!” – Steve F., Lexington, Kentucky  

“Great stuff – very talented!” – Clint B.  

“Sure, talent – your art work exhibits thought and imagination but above all beautiful truth!” –Jesse J., Lexington, KY

 “Best Wishes”  “I love your stuff. I can see inspirations from artists that I like. Dali, (obviously), Alex Greg! You have a bold imagination. Keep up the good work.” –Shawn D.  

“You are a great artist, very color, great topics.” – Run Amber W., Lexington, Kentucky  

“These art pieces create a lot of buzz. People really enjoy the use of color and technique. Your work is very original.” – Michael Salyers  

“Great stuff! Cool paintings! I can see that your work will start a new age on sci and fantasy art. Best wishes and best of luck with your work. You are going places with it.”

“Great!!!” – George C.

“I love your “Far From Home” piece. I feel such a loneliness in the painting. I feel touched.” –Tanya H.  

“Great art, Juan. Can’t wait to buy your calendar.”– GHD  

“Deep and thought-provoking. I really enjoy the complexity and paradoxically simply live and form of your work.” – Elizabeth Susin Buford  

“Magical, inviting – a kaleidoscope of thought provoking images.” – Dan Kim, artist

"I am really fascinated by most of these newest additions. I don't think I have seen any of them before. I especially like “New York, New York”; “From Here to Eternity” and the “Cry of Silence”. The themes are very meaningful and I've not seen interpretations of these subjects presented like this before--very different and beautiful. Is Juan selling any of the paintings or prints? These would certainly attract attention and draw comments hanging in my home." – Betty Bias of Texas

"Hi Castillo,I just want to say that your art is pretty amazing,I love it, you have alotta talent,so keep working on it,don't stop,echale ganas" –Sergio

"creative & interesting." –Steph H., Lexington, KY.

"Hey guys. Love your art. I'm going to list my favorites in order of preference. Would love to see these in poster form one day, and sell them in my store. Absolutely fantastic stuff.

1. A Pair of Two
2. Marbles on the Road
3. Before The Creation of Time

1. The Third Rock From The Sun
2. Dragons of Perth
3. The Last Dragon
4. Symmetry in Progress

Any one of the above I'd love to own myself. I believe that if you sold this art in poster form via the internet you'd be a success. I hope so anyway. Best to you and your family." – Steve and Josh Ray at Spy Records

 "What's up castillo,I like the way you plasm your ideas on your paintings,you are really good,sigete inspirando con esas extranas esencias que te ayudan a encontrar esa tan anelada inspiracion,en horabuena." – Luis Ariel

"Excellent work Juan your pictures have intensity, imagination and creativity. congratulations and continue." –Jesus Arias Aguascalientes, Mex

--Thank You!  
J.A. Castillo


Anyone leaving feedback may request to remain anonymous. 

      All images © 2007-2013 Juan Castillo. All rights reserved.