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J.A. Castillo,
from Morelia, Mexico, has lived in Lexington, Kentucky, since 1992.  He is an up and coming artist influenced by the work of Salvador Dali and Roger Dean.  The titles of his paintings give clues to the various, multiple meanings of his surreal and stylized sci-fi art.  The viewer can find their own unique meanings in his colorful imagery with its dreamlike quality. 

Besides some small local exhibits, he has had three paintings published in the German magazine "Art Scene International".  One painting is in the showroom of the May/June 2006 issue.   The other two paintings are in the showroom of the July/August 2006 issue. 

When he is not hard at work on his latest painting, he loves to listen to the music of Tangerine Dream and watch the films of Alexandro Jodorowsky.

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